28th April 2010

29 Apr

I was woken by Jamie on all fours gripping the headboard!

Now that’s an opening line 😉 but unfortunately “that’s how we got into this predicament in the first place!
We spent all yesterday pissed off with latent labour since Sunday and all the mis information we were given about, definitely not in labour, only a matter of time though, you need to calm down and all that shit “Fuck Off” So last night we ended the day with dare I say it on here a whole bottle of wine each a fabulously spicy tea and 3 helium filled balloons, there’s just something so funny about that squeaky voice you get… So we went to bed relaxed and happy
05:16 Woken by Jamie in labour maybe?

05:55 Waters broke possibly?
06:00 Hot bath definately!
06:13 Rings mommy!
06:55 Off to hospital
We get to the hospital and were put in the birthing pool room (the last room available on a very busy morning) this made Jamie sooo happy because it was her plan for a water birth but the first thing we had to tell them did not bode well for that to happen, green discharge!
They see that immediately as a distressed baby and insist on monitoring it all the time so we had to accept straight away that the pool was a no go and were moved to room 7 (now etched on me mind) where we set up camp for the duration.
Jamie settled into a good routine of contraction-breath-rest using gas and air but it was apparent to me that this was not going to be easy for her and Jamie realised this too!
Jamie asked for an epidural around noon when she had been in a lot of discomfort for 8 hours (labour began at 4am, apparently?) our plan was for me to whole heartedly discourage her from this as her birthing partner as this was probably her being weak but, I had witnessed upto this point THEE strongest woman I will ever know dilate to 8cm on her own using only gas and air and she was knackered and in pain (lower back, to be specific) caused by the baby being back to back which is the hardest to deliver! So we (Jamie) decided to have the epidural.
The woman I love had done nothing but labour upto this point and even before the epidural kicked in a smile came onto her face a realisation that what she’d done to this point on gas and air and excruciating agony would soon be over… All of a sudden Jamie was sat there in bed eating a cereal bar laughing and joking and pointing out that the last contraction was massive while still chewing on the cereal bar. Labour had become bareable!
The next 7+ hours her dialation progressed as well as the labour to the point where we could push OMG this was it… this is what you see on the telly SCREAM THE FUCKING PLACE DOWN full on we are about to become parents!
19:30 Jamie was told to PUSH! 3 x per contraction then rest!
She did this relentlessly and better than anybody could have asked of her, she was fantastic!
A back to back delivery is apparently the worst\hardest delivery but Jamie gave it everything she had and then gave the same again for an hour and a half and was still sat there preparing to go again when they (NOT HER!!!) decided enough was enough they needed to try forceps and then C Section after that!
She was prepped for both and taken down to Theatre where they tried to deliver vaginally using forceps and Jamie again PUSHED until they THEY stopped her and moved straight to C Section!
REAGAN GRACE FORSTER was born at 22:07
My Jamie will forever be my hero for what she did today I love her but no longer with all my heart (I am crying as I write this) because a little girl has stolen some of it away….

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