A tough night!

21 Sep

I really questioned myself last night as I lay in bed listening to Lincoln screaming downstairs and hoping mommy manages to quieten him down soon…I really thought we might not be able to do this?

Reagan had gone down as easy as she usually does and we had sat downstairs with Lincoln sleeping and feeding all night and we were tired although it was only 10:30 so we decided to go to bed. So we locked up and moved Lincoln, but as soon as we did he woke. No problem we put him in his moses basket and carried him upstairs but even before we got there he was crying which then turns into screaming Jamie managed to calm him and we settled down to sleep but then he got hiccups and that woke him and he screamed and screamed no matter how we tried to help him, he just screamed. By midnight Jamie said she would go downstairs to feed him allowing me to sleep and take over later.

Listening to him scream knowing Jamie was as tired as me if not doubley so was difficult, I felt guilty for sleeping and listened for a while trying to get it right in my mind that she would be ok and I could return the compliment later allowing her to sleep. I drifted off but kept waking and dozing listening incase they needed me, this resulted in an ok nights sleep but not great!

As I said “a nights sleep because when I looked at the clock it was 6:45 which made me feel even more guilty because that meant Jamie had been awake all night so sheepishly I went downstairs worried about what I might find? What I did find was Jamie and Lincoln feeding and a story of 4 hours sleep although as with my night, not great.

So I went to get Reagan and made us all some breakfast and Jamie fed Lincoln then suggested she go to bed for a while which I agreed with and as Lincoln was now full and asleep she would take him with her but the same as last night a very tired Jamie fetched Lincoln back down so I took him off her and she went to bed again. Lincoln took a while to settle but he has been asleep now for over an hour and I have not heard from Jamie either I have played with Reagan and watched some CBeebies with her so she’s happy I just hope Jamie ca sleep a while longer and get some rest!

It makes me feel a bit better that I am returning the compliment and I can be part of the team, I might not be able to feed him but if he is fed I can certainly look after him while Jamie sleeps!

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