All the promises you made..

8 Apr

Possibly the last scan today was a brief affair, all was well and Reagan’s tummy is measuring big (she must get that from me?) No-one was overly concerned which made us feel a little like why are we here type feeling but it was nice to see her again even though we would like to see her in person, more! We are invited back again 22 April but we are hoping that we don’t need that one due to her appearing before then 😉

Jamie made me smile in the waiting room, she walks in and sort of changes in the company of other pregnant ladies especially if they are newbies. She immediately give it the “holding back and bump stance saying to me under her breathe “how cute, wearing maternity clothes even though she doesn’t need too” and laughing knowing that’s exactly what she did! Then she struggled to a chair professing the need and desire to ‘take the wait off’! Once there loving the attention of mums accompanying their daughters to their early scans exchanging the old “she’s got it all to come” and “they all say it gets uncomfortable near the end, now I believe them” lol
She might be uncomfortable and she might be fed up but deep down she loves being pregnant and the attention it brings and will probably miss her bump when it’s gone but will definitely have all the above and more with a newborn to love and show off to all who show interest and some that don’t too. Don’t tell her though but I can’t wait to do that as well…
Jamie & Jack met me outside work and we walked into town to get a few bits for this evenings tea. When we got home we sat outside eating tortillas with dip in the sun, and drank some beer…it was so nice it just makes you want to be out doors but it sure goes cold quickly when the sun has passed over the yardarm? Jamie had a sniff of wine whilst sitting on the patio and was asleep in double quick time hehe
We are so happy together it still amazes me why she chose me to message on myspace on the day she did…and then I look back at what it began? For us it made the world so much smaller knowing we could talk to each other all the time but all we had to do is get on a plane and we could be together so easily! I think the only time we’re ever unhappy is when we let other people interfere in our life…? Yesterday a comment on Facebook upset me and I know it upset Jamie because it was about her by one of her Facebook friends and similar happened today, people say they are going to do things on there and don’t realise how stupid you feel when you realise you believed them. My 40th birthday party is on Saturday and I have had so many “we’ll definately be there….!” and I’m so nervous that no-one will turn up? The playlist I’ve compiled for the night will entertain me all night even if I’m alone…
You shouldn’t say you’re going to do something when you have no intentions of doing it!
So one day to go, 39 years old and my life is great!

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