Bedtime 270 days on.

25 Jan

Tonight we were all tired because we had a bit of a tough night when Reagan woke around 3am crying which is so unusual and because we know she’s teething we reacted and went to her. I know Jamie will be reading this so I better clarify Jamie got up and went to her and soothed her to sleep but not for long and had to get up again a further two times until we realised over an hour later that she was hungry and not in pain…oh well we live and learn that the check list would still work if you remember to use it when your half asleep!

Anyway we were all tired but Jamie had to leave to collect a friend from work so it was left to me to bath and put Reagan to bed not something I regularly do alone as we generally do it as a family. I remember back in May and June last year just how stressful I found being with Reagan on me own especially if it involved bath time as felt unqualified and wasn’t sure I could cope, tonight it never crossed my mind that it was anything that I couldn’t cope with and was thoroughly enjoyable actually!

We finished eating tea and ran a bath while the three of us played upstairs waiting for it to be ready, when it was it was time for mom to leave and after kissing Reagan and cuddling her she left us to it. Reagan loves bath time and will crawl to the bathroom if you say “bath time” which is so funny but tonight I walked her to it and plunged her in and even though it slightly takes her breath away she is immediately playing with the myriad of bath toy floating in the water. While I washed her hair she was merrily singing, splashing and generally having fun then I wash her face neck arms hands front and back and she just sits there loving it all. When I sat her in the bath chair that when the splashing becomes frenetic and I was wringing wet through very quickly and Reagan loved it when I started splashing too lol!

It all ends with playtime when she sits in the bath and plays with the toys and splashes around before being sluiced rinsing of all the suds and being picked out and laid on the towel on the floor I put down before we started. Wrapping her up and taking her into her bedroom we go through the same routine she goes through every night, dried off then lotioned (head to toe) nappy put on with loads of clouds (talc) onsey, sleep suit and finally a zip up sleep bag! All done to the sound or relaxing classical music!

Bottle time tonight was tough in a kind of ‘she needs to drink it all so she’s not hungry but she was nearly asleep before we started so I almost ended up squeezing it to get it down her’ kind of way lol Her eyes were closed almost all through bottle time and she left three ounces of milk by the time she was snoring (not that she snores, unlike her momma) So I kissed her placed her in her cot and that was it done and dusted no stress no fuss and a happy calm and contented little girl and dad went down stair to watch a bit of telly and wait for mom to return

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