Its been a while

6 May

I have struggled to do any extra curricular work\fun on computers for the last month with a heavy workload at work draining my will to get my computer out at night at all but I’m back now, and there’s a … Read More »

Had it with Sky BT…w

2 Mar

We have long since realised that we need bandwidth and lots of it because streaming the Broncos and Skyping grandma is just impossible (mind you there are benefits from seeing my mother in law buffer…she actually shuts up!) and we … Read More »

Henna tats

29 Feb

Today at Reagan’s school it was India day and the main event was getting a henna tattoo which Reagan had been talking about all weekend pointing out that they don’t use needles like grown ups… they Mom?


2 Feb

Von and I thought we would be together forever, and I was with her for her forever but we did discuss what we expected the other to do if one of us wasn’t there any more….