Colic or Reflux

23 Oct

Colic or Reflux that is question. The answer is irrelevant! Lincoln is uncomfortable all the time mommy and daddy would do anything to change or relieve the situation but there is nothing we aren’t already doing that will help. We have not had a good nights sleep since he was born just trying to make him comfortable and today he is so bad we called NHS Direct and the Midwives in hope that they would tell us what to do but all we got was bullshit from the first and your doing everything right from the second?

All we know is Lincoln is in real pain right now and screaming the house down and we don’t know what to do? Eventually after 3 hours of passing him back and forth taking turns to try and ease his pain mommy tries cooled kettle water and he falls asleep in my arms and we both just breath a sigh of relief.

We decide its only fair to both stay up with him and take turns helping him so as he is asleep in my arms I just shut my eyes too and mommy beds down on the sofa. I wake after 2 hours with Lincoln still asleep so I pass him to Mommy and she says to go to bed and she will call me if she needs me, as Reagan will need at least one of us with energy tomorrow.

At 7am I go down stairs to find mommy surprisingly alert and Lincoln awake and not screaming? What happened Jamie? She told me he slept most of the night only waking to feed a couple of times and apart from that it was a good night! They’d had breakfast and coffee was in the pot waiting for me…?

Whether it’s Colic or Reflux doesn’t really matter unless there is a cure all we can do is help him as much as we can until he grows out of it. What was interesting that from 8 until 11 we lived in the eye of the storm and it was horrendous not knowing when it would end but if he spends the evening suffering (if he has to suffer at all!!!) and he is comfortable for the other 21 hours we can cope with that!

Mommy will take him to Doctors tomorrow and discuss what’s going on and hopefully we might get some ideas or new a new releiver to try…?

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