Crawling, just around the corner?

9 Nov

We now have a VERY active little child. I use the term child instead of baby on purpose because she is growing up so fast! You blink and she has done something else, over the past week I have heard two words come out of her mouth “mama” was the first and “car” was the second both just mimics of what she hears but both audible and recognisable words. She loves screaming and chirping and her new thing is gargling constantly, she does entertain herself for quite a while now which takes the pressure of Jamie and me to not have to go to her constantly but the screeching while she’s playing can be a tad annoying at 06:30 in a morning lol

Rolling around is easy for her now and it’s a constant battle to move stuff out of her way and we definately need one of those guards that cover the fireplace very soon. Her mobility and agility get better everyday and yesterday we watched her trying to reach an empty plastic bottle but rolling didn’t get her close enough so she started instinctively moving her legs and gripping the carpet as though crawling but her technique wasn’t good enough but as much as we both wanted to help we watch her struggle hoping that she would work it out. She didn’t but tried for 15 minutes eventually flicking it into the path of a roll and the prize was hers.

Sitting up is her newest trick and although she needs assistance to get to the sitting position once there she is at ease and can do allsorts like routing in a toy bow for her favourite toy but generally will sit and play and watch CBeebies at the same time for ages before she requires any human interaction.

We are also heading towards the need for discipline (in a nice way) because there are things she does that are wrong but until we teach her that its wrong she will carry on doing them. Examples are: pinching, she is learning to grip and in doing so can pinch your skin very hard. Biting, with two large bottom teeth and a newly broken through top tooth she has to learn not to bite people. Hyper wriggling, a funny one this the need to wave a toy banging it into anything while squirming and screaming and smiling as wide as she can, sooo much fun for her but very dangerous if she’s sat on you lap. Our chosen method of discipline is when she does some thing wrong poor a bucket of ice cold water over her head then lock her under the stairs in the dark for an hour to think about why she’s there! ONLY JOKING! We are trying to use a stern “NO!” whilst staring in her eyes and stopping her doing what she is doing (but it’s so hard not to smile or laugh), and with repetition hopefully it will sink in….if it doesn’t there’s always the dark place lol!

Last night for the first time Reagan ate the same meal as we ate, beef hotpot (although mashed up a bit) straight from the pot to the plate and loved it, usually we change it or take food from the pot before adding spices and giving it to her but last night we ate together

The next big thing we believe will be crawling but everyday she surprises us with something big or small the main thing is she is happy with everything she does and we do for her.

“Sitting up, it’s so easy mom!”

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