Dad does bedtime. (Part II)

30 Jun

Reagan’s bedtime was eased to 20:30 on Monday night because she is napping at about 19:00 so we thought keep her awake and to bed earlier. Not sure Reagan saw it like that she was awake yesterday morning an hour earlier lol the little….any way it was down to me to do bedtime again last night because mommy was off to the gym again for a little mommy time.

As she left Regan was dozing but began to fuss and cry just as mommy disappeared, not too bad because I quickly sussed that she was wet but it was bath-time so I just took her upstairs and laid her on the changing table while I set the bath running. I was no where near as nervous as the last time I did bath-time but still could feel a little panic trying to remember everything I should do. The bath was ready and I stripped Reagan down and wrapped her in the duck towel she loves so much.

“hang on where did all this duck stuff come from…?” 

Carefully I placed her in the bath and began to wash her and she seemed to enjoy the water and I sort of enjoyed watching her splash about but my job was to wash and wash I did, even shampooing her hair this time but only because I realised I hadn’t used soap up to that point, just a flannel, doh! Not to worry she’d had a good wash and now we were done, but on taking her out of the bath she starts to scream blue murder, our little daughter does not like to be cold, so straight back into her towel she went.

Once dry and in a lovely talced nappy I dressed her in her onesy for the evening and laid her on the bed while I went to make a bottle, this didn’t go down too well as our daughter doesn’t like to be kept waiting for food either! When I returned a minute or so later after rushing around like a blue arsed fly preparing the bottle we lay down and she drank her lovely warm milk supper. After finishing it she was almost asleep and it was very tempting to just leave her there but I needed to wind her and successfully got a huge burp from her after only four good pats on the back!

We then lay on the bed together and I carried on telling the story of how mommy and daddy met which she was interested in for about 5 minutes then drifted off to sleep, and so did I…..

Doing bedtime wasn’t so stressful tonight!

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