Dioralyte is fast acting?

5 Mar

My beautiful sweet baby daughter had not been to the toilet since Thursday evening before bedtime and this was concerning us as we went to bed last night, and was even more worrying when I went to get Reagan this morning when I noticed she had been sick during the night. She was alright in herself so it wasn’t so bad but mommy watched her like a hawk all day until she changed a slightly dirty nappy around 11:30 When I got in from a little trip out Mommy said would it be ok to give her Dioralyte because Reagan’s poo was very dry she may be dehydrated? I said of coarse it is, so she emptied half a sachet into a sippy cup of water and passed it to Reagan who took a sip straightaway. No sooner had the first drops passed her lips she strain a little and began pooping to which I said “Well that worked!” and mommy and me fell about laughing…

Our laughing soon ceased when the smell wafted into our nostrils OMG day old poop is not nice but it just kept coming so we let her finish before moving her to change her nappy. When we did she was drenched in it and it was everywhere and it was immediately aparent this was a two man job and a bath would be required. Throughout this Reagan was grinning cutely and clapping visibly feeling a bit better

Now to get those clothes of we had to touch poop and the smell too was over powering so Reagan got a bit frightened at this point as she stood in the bath as neither mommy or daddy wanted the usual cuddles from her and were wretching as they undressed her but she litterally sobbed at the shower head as we “hosed her off” I bagged the nappy and clothes as we ran a bath, while Mommy tried to keep Reagan stood up so she didn’t get poop everywhere.

Plunged into the bath Reagan was happy again as this is one of her favourite things and with the amount of bubble bath I had put in she could hardly see above the bubbles. We washed her from head to toe and dried her quickly getting a nappy back on….just incase! lol

We are now sat having a quiet 5 minutes, with a happy Reagan watching CBeebies, wondering who is going to open the bag of poopy clothes so we can wash them?

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