Don’t worry be happy!

22 Apr

I saw a lot of nervous tears throughout this morning, I first noticed there was something wrong when I was about to leave for work and Jamie was crying and saying she can’t do this! I re-assurred her that everything would be fine and she can do it because she will have me with her every step of the way, UNLESS THE PUBS OPEN!… I’m joking of coarse.

She seemed to listen but I knew all that we were about to go through and all we have been waiting for will begin today ‘possibly’ was racing around her mind. Telling her there was no need to worry and you will be fine doesn’t always work because she forgets that I am right occasionally! Anyway off i went to work leaving Jamie with her thoughts.
The time came to travel to the hospital for our 40 week appointment and a possible sweep which I know Jamie was scared about but in the car I reassurred her again and we went in together In the office I held her hand while the midwife\nurse talked to her and the consultant did the sweep and no sooner had it begun than he was taking his gloves off and saying he’d done it and whilst there touched the babies head and everything pointed towards labour very very soon and see you over the weekend it went perfectly and good luck.
Jamie’s face was a picture, from controlled breathing and a look of fright and scared anticipation with a tear running down her cheek, to surprise and “Is that it?” A big grin broke across her face and her usual bouncy persona re-appeared, immediately, along with the excited chat and confidence and well….Jamie!
In the car on the way home she was all “the consultant said this and the consultant said that and he wrote this and I’ll be in labour soon. Too early to ring her mom she said she would ring my mum when she got home lol It was killing her that it was too early to call Denver but she would burst if she didn’t tell someone…what a difference from 30 minutes ago when she was quiet and scared?
I pointed out that I was right, there was no need to be scared or worry but she dismissed me with a “…whatever, anyway the nurse was great and I really liked the consultant he reminded me of a Beatle and…” but I know I was right 🙂
Got home from work and there was unfortunately little change and no contractions let alone labour…so we walked into town, there an back along the canals then home for spicy food, a hot bath yoga and a bit of bouncing to finish the night off 8D lol
Listened to a local radio show on iPlayer ( 34mins in if you want to listen) our friend Patty was on tonight talking about ‘life in the UK’ and how its been to live here for a year which was really good.
Anyway hopefully I won’t get a full nights sleep tonight but I think I might ‘damn it’ although we just watched Jamie’s belly go wild so there could be more news later….
We also videoed it:

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