Dual Trip, Dual Citizen

2 Nov

Go Broncos, we went to London for a VERY important weekend for the Forster family, very exciting to see THE BRONCOS play in London but far more importantly Miss Reagan Grace Forster becoming an American citizen (as well as British).

Setting off on our adventure it was a short trip to the station and onto the train down to London a familiar ride we did last time with Grandma and really wished she was there again but it was just us and the journey was uneventful but for a classic Jamie comment “Will our phones work down there?” well it is practically France, after all lol!

Got to London and took on the underground with a case and a pram and quickly remembered how difficult it is with soooo many frickin stairs! Stress levels were high and the cardio vascular exercise was extreme but we negotiated our way to Marble arch and our hotel. Our room wasn’t ready so a drink in the bar was our next stop  and for 10 of the Queen’s pounds got two bottles of Coors Light (well we were going to a Broncos game!) and a VERY small bowl of ‘nibbles’?

When finally our room was ready it was in and out all three changing into our outfits quicker than superman in a phone booth although one of us was fascinated by the HUGE bed! Strapping Reagan to me we set off for Wembley and it wasn’t long before the excitement got too much for one of us….

Boring dad Boring!

At the game we went immediately for natcho’s chilli dogs and beer and took our seats replenishing the later as frequently as possible through out  the game which was a non starter until the second half where, but for a couple of illegal plays the Broncos would have run away it but the 49ers were just tidier “the bastards” lol During the game Reagan slept some of the time and cheered the Broncos for the rest I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and so did Jamie who got a taste of ‘back home’ here in England

The BEST cheerleader EVER!
Luckily she can’t see her douche of a dad! lol!
The game and pre match
The Forsters at the game
The game wasn’t great but Reagan come on?
Go Broncos!!!

Perhaps eyes shut here was the best,
those Patriots fans are UGLY!

Boarding the train was interesting firstly because we’d gone the wrong way and couldn’t change our minds because 83000 people were behind us so we crammed onto the platform waiting for the train. When it arrived  the door closest to us didn’t look that appetising as we moved towards it as a fight had broken out on the train so we politely moved to the next door and carriage.

Walking out of Wembley towards the train station
Jamie took this picture

Back across London we discussed what to do with the rest of our evening and it was decided that food and wine in the hotel room would be the best option and get Reagan in bed (she slept all night awoot awoot) nice hotel lovely room but the food and wine was cheaper from the deli over the road.
Marble Arch from the door of the hotel

Woken by our wake up call at 7am mommy and Daddy frantically got ready and Reagan slept…..till 8am? We set off at 8:15 turning left onto Oxford Street and looked at all the preparations for Christmas in all the shop windows finding a Starbucks on the way to the Embassy. Arriving there in good time we were screened and searched before entering, there was a raised eyebrow or two when they found puncture repair kits by the bag full and tube repair by the bottle full but especially when the big guy said could you remove the KNIFE from your holdall please Shitter I’d tried to enter the American Embassy carrying a knife doh! Mind you it wasn’t as dangerous as the look of utter contempt Jamie gave me for being so stupid.

Reagan the NEWEST American citizen, YAY!

The paperwork done and dusted we left the Embassy for a photo shoot and drifted back tot he hotel to checkout and go sight seeing Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus Trafalgar Square Leicester Square to name but a few we took in as we wandered the streets NOT paved with gold actually!!!

Bridget Jones and Bridget Junior…

Reagan sleeping through the exciting stuff?
Marble Arch and Oxford Street!

My favourite photo of the trip!!!!!

A dream fulfilled for Jamie…

Piccadilly Circus Anteros the god of Love!

The obligatory Myspace shot!
Trafalgar Square!

Hahahahahhaha Higher daddy higher!!!
Me and Trafalgar Square!
Apparently we don’t like Texas LOL!
The tube in London gets you places fast but when you have a baby in a pram that is packed to the gunnel’s with our gear and we’re carrying a holdall too those steps of which there are a bajillion get very tiresome after a while and I for one was sweating like glass blowers arse when we finally got to Euston Station to catch the train back and sat down for a coke and a pasty!
Stairs Steps Escalators AARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!
Our train left for Crewe with us sat playing Yatzee whilst trying to keep Reagan entertained too! With the train running late and a very fed up tired Reagan we got a stroke of luck when our train pulled into Stafford still about an hour from home the gaurd said he would see if he could get the gaurd from an intercity fast train to allow us to swap trains.

We dashed to the other train with a screaming Reagan and were back in Crewe 15 minutes later (THANK YOU London Midland Trains!!!) When we arrived home we sorted a still screaming Reagan out trying to calm her down only then realising that she had a top right tooth about to break through which we had missed in all the commotion 🙁 She went to bed really late after nine happier with a bath and some bonjella and calpol and slept through to 07:45 probably oblivious to all the excitement stress and physical exertion mommy and daddy went though over the past couple of days….

…but worth it all to see the Broncos and make Reagan Grace an American citizen!

Miss America\England & me….Dad!

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