"Firmly" on the mend

11 Mar

Last night was brilliant I got home to find Reagan snacking on biscuits and fruit and looking a lot perkier than the last few days. She had a couple of wet nappies but we were waiting for a second firm nappy to be sure the diarrhea had gone away before we could worry a little less.

The biggest change was her demeaner and her energy levels she was happier and was back to crawling around getting into everything again and it was great to play with her for an hour before tea walking her making noise and giggling with her.

Tea was sheppards pie and Reagan devoured the mash but wasn’t too keen on the mince although she did eat some of it, we suplimented tea with some bread and a biscuit thinking it was dry and would help her belly plus if she’ll eat she can have it…for now!

During tea she took dump (aw bless) and mommy and Daddy looked at each other, first thought being “Why does she always do this at the marital kitchen table?” and the second thought was “hope she’s firm!” We quickly finished tea and then I changed her nappy, and it was firm! We played with her little after that but all the tired signs were being displayed by Reagan and Mommy too so we did bathtime and got her into bed where she fell asleep very quickly.

Mommy actually had a bath and got into bed too so I sat on the computer next to her and worked on this site until I could stay awake no longer.

Reagan woke around 05:00 so mommy made her a bottle and we didn’t hear her again until 08:00 when she got up bright as a button. Her nappy was a little dirty and very wet so it looks like we are on the mend. She is still a bit fussy with food but the health visitor said this could happen as babies associate the foods thay ate during illness with the illness and it may take a while to get them back to normal so we will see. For now though both mommy and baby are out of the house getting some fresh air and escaping the confines of the home they haven’t left since last weekend.

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