First tooth appears!

22 Aug
You couldn’t believe anything was wrong

Today Jamie shouted to me with a worried tone saying Reagan had blood on the side if her mouth…

Over the past couple of weeks Reagan has had so many things going on with her health that we have (especially Mommy) been really looking for changes in her demeanour and every slightest little thing we’ve discussed taking her to the doctor or the health visitor or going and buying some recommended medicine we have been told would help. Generally she has been OK with what the doctor originally prescribed for her viral infection and the bath solution and cream for her rash.  This week by Monday the rash had gone and she was really chipper for the most part but then we had a “bad night” on Thursday when she would not go to sleep and if she did it was brief and then she was crying a lot but was nursed to sleep by mommy but then she was awake again an hour or so later and eventually was given a bottle and this seemed to get her down again but eventually she ended up in our bed with us, not something we really want to encourage at all, but it did work and we all got about the last hour of sleep before 7am. In hindsight this had been building for a few days as it got increasingly harder to get her to go to sleep because, she would, in the early evening until about ten’ish be very restless and needy before falling solidly asleep. 

The next day we discussed how hungry she was before bed during the night and the next morning and whether weaning was up on us and if we needed to act but we decided to wait until next Thursday’s weaning class before we started and just try to feed on demand until then. Last night started similarly with a very hungry Reagan but after her bottle she went off quickly, only waking only a couple of times before falling fast asleep and we actually didn’t  hear her again until 06:59 when she started chattering away like every other morning and after 15 minutes of mommy’s boob Reagan was fast a sleep again. 

The bad night must have been a one off and we were OK with that because she has slept through so many weeks on the trot and we can forgive the difficulties going to sleep because no baby’s perfect (except ours … 99% of the time hehehe!) 

… I dashed in wanting to know where the blood was to see Jamie foraging in Reagan’s mouth and finding two little white bumps on the right side of her gum and saying I think she must be teething, which we were convinced she was a couple of weeks ago but had our attention diverted. Jeez how could we not know that? How could we not realise she was uncomfortable? Why didn’t we see it?

We have both felt really bad all day thinking how we have got to our wits end and had to let her just cry when we could have been helping her or medicating her with Calpol or Bonjela. So all day she has shed blood as she chewed her first tooth through and by 16:00 we had a tooth all be it the tip of one as it had broken through and she was content laying asleep with Jack!

She is now in bed asleep!

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