I love her but why does she stress me so?

28 Jul

Reagan has got to be the best thing Jamie and me have done upto now and I love her with every single beat of my heart but she is in a stage right now where she whines cries and sometimes screams when she doesn’t get her own way, which I appreciate happens with all children at some point but an older child can be reasoned with, and be made to understand why they are not getting their own way and why sometimes mom and dad will say no and that’s the end of the conversation.

As a 1 year old that can’t talk yet though it’s sooo frustrating for her first and fore most that she can’t tell us what’s wrong or why she feels we are wrong, but I get so frustrated when everything you try to do with her involves a tantrum or screaming fit with real tears. There is nothing I can do but just look away and say cry it out and wait for it to stop. Ironically it lasts about 20 seconds usually and then she carries on as if nothing has happened.

My general stress levels are usually low (unless I am talking to insurance companies or the bank, the dirty thieving no good robbers!!!) but the screaming is very hard to ignore and I hate that it stresses me out but I have no idea how to stop her doing it when she is frustrated herself probably. Anyway we have noticed that if you ignore her it is over in seconds it’s just embarrassing when you’re out in public.

We will sort it out soon enough and we will tolerate it until we do, 99% of the time she is adorable but the other 1% is very frustrating and we will sortit out but until we get there it’s deep breaths and smiles when inside all you want to do is scream…..louder than her lol!

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