Jet lag is killing us….

27 May

Since returning home on Tuesday we have all suffered jetlag and Mommy and Reagan have a cold too, so its been especially hard to recover 🙁

When we got home momma was finished, just nothing left in the tank so she went to bed while Reagan played in the living room watching CBeebies. I wanted to stay awake so I set about the cases emptying them and doing several washes and dried them all and mowed the lawn, part way through this Reagan was showing all her tired signs so I made a brew settled her down and she fell straight to sleep. I carried on with what I was doing allowing Mommy 4 hours and Reagan 3 hours

I lasted till 9pm but had to go to bed

LOL I started this last night but I fell asleep writing it!

Wednesday night was tough…. Reagan was just confused! We as adults can make decisions based on knowledge but Reagan just knows when she is tired she sleeps and when she’s not tired she causes HAVOC lol. Jamie decided that because I was returning to my new job again on Thursday it should be down to her to sort Reagan out and I should sleep downstairs so not to be disturbed which I sort of agreed with and this is what we did. I fell straight to sleep around 10:30pm but was awoken by a VERY frustrated and tired mommy at around 02:30am.

It was immediately apparent that I needed to take over which I did allowing Jamie to go to bed and Reagan and I went downstairs where I allowed her to do what she wanted for 30 minutes at which point I switched the telly (the only source of light) off. She was sooo cute at this point she looked around as if to say WTF, crawled over to me and lay down and went to sleep, and although I didnt get too much sleep because of little miss COUGH SNORE TRUMP THRUTCH pants at least my two girls got some rest.

Thursday we decided mommy’s job was to keep the Reaganator AWAKE….ALL DAY…which she did apart from when mommy momentarily went to the bathroom leaving a rumbumtuous Beaganator bouncing off the walls crawling all over the place, only to return two minutes later to a sleeping chicken noodle butt…?

Last night was a little better although we kept Reagan up an hour longer she did wake around ten and scream the place down for a while going back to sleep at times until around 1am mommy finally got her to sleep and we all made it through to 06:30 without a murmer, and some of us managed to make it through to 09:30….the laaaazy…..

Its Friday night now and Reagan is asleep, she did scream for about 20 minutes but as I left the bathroom I couldn’t help but smell why she was screaming! I summoned mommy’s help…I mean second opinion, and after a clean nappy was applied I got her off again and she will hopefully stay asleep, but only time will tell?

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