Just another day waiting…

7 Apr

Today was pretty humdrum (mind you reading this blog you must think my life is humdrum?) my morning was much the same as most but knew Jamie was off out to see some bezzies and go to Costco and Cheshire Oaks shopping…so needed to wake her up from her pregnant slumber. When she did wake she told me she was up in the night ‘bouncing’ at three o’clock because she had branston’s, thankfully for Jamie she didn’t wake me as I would have had to ‘windmill in’ ! 😉

Speaking of ‘windmilling in’ if I’d have been at Cheshire Oaks and heard Mr & Mrs Dousche Bag insulting Jamie I would not have been very happy at all and would have definitely said something…

Went to work and returned home at dinner to an empty house so did some more work on me new website www.phoenix-5.co.uk the rest of the afternoon was ok but when I left work Jamie was keen to go for a walk having had a nap since she returned home. We walked into town along the canal with Jack and it was a BEAUtiful evening and felt so good to just listen to the birds and look at the sun shimmer on the water.
Unfortunately Jamie gets tired quite quickly now she is so pregnant, so as always I am thinking of her welfare I suggested stopping for a rest at the half way point, which she said was a fantastic idea, so using the latest GPS technology and my local knowledge I worked out that the Kings Arms fell exactly halfway on our journey…! Once I\we had replenished fluids we continued on our way getting home at 19:45 to make the best burritto’s I have ever made.
Watched masterchef the final 3 The Final and both picked the winner ‘Drhuv!’ and both talked like we knew why because we’re such great cooks ourselves lol?
The reason Reagan doesn’t get talked about in me blog because apart from early this morning the branston’s have lightened if not almost stopped, but Jamie sits on the sofa encouraging her to move and smiles like a cheshire cat when she does. Tomorrow we go for another scan and to see our midwife and a consultant so there should be more news tomorrow!

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