Looks like Game on?

26 Apr

So we went the hospital last night and since then Jamie has been having pretty regular contractions but not regular enough yet 21:20 and they are about 10 minutes apart but can be 7 or 12 and are getting more intense. Keep looking here and I will try and update as much as I can!

22:27 No sooner as I wrote that last post than the contractions slowed, to about 17 or 18mins apart? Jamie will need to keep her spirits up if its going to be like this for a long time I have tucked her up on the sofa watching Cougar Town she needs to rest when she can!
22:42 Jamie sleeping, slightly disappointing that the contractions have eased but I have noticed they are a lot more intense but that may just be me wanting them to be? Feelings right now are 100% if Jamie has a chance to rest she should because this could take a long time!
22:45 Jamie says: “I can feel her turning, if I had to bet she is on her side I can feel her turning in my pelvis…” (that has to be a good sign!)
22:49 Here are the last 90mins timings (Start,End,Duration,frequency)
10:33:31 PM 10:34:55 PM 1:23 15 m, 9 s 10:18:22 PM 10:19:33 PM 1:10 17 m, 24 s 10:00:58 PM 10:01:25 PM 0:27 10 m, 39 s 9:50:19 PM 9:51:14 PM 0:54 18 m, 1 s 9:32:18 PM 9:33:02 PM 0:43 11 m, 2 s 9:21:16 PM 9:22:02 PM 0:45 12 m, 15 s 9:09:00 PM 9:09:32 PM 0:31 1 m, 28 s 9:07:33 PM 9:08:07 PM 0:34 7 m, 23 s 9:00:10 PM 9:01:01 PM 0:50 9 m, 53 s
22:54 Snoring lol
23:13 The scene Jamie is asleep on the sofa (still snoring) the cat is next to her, asleep, Jack is on the floor asleep and I am writing this blog? Not looking like she’s going to be here anytime soon 🙁 no contractions since 22:33
23:31 Still sleeping, could be a long night maybe (fingers crossed) not sure what we can do other than get some rest until they start again, sorry Pam!

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