28th April 2010

29 Apr

I was woken by Jamie on all fours gripping the headboard! Now that’s an opening line 😉 but unfortunately “that’s how we got into this predicament in the first place! We spent all yesterday pissed off with latent labour since … Read More »

…and RELAX!

27 Apr

Not going to mention today, I will start when I got home from work and found Jamie asleep on the sofa and tried to creep past her but she stirred when I kissed her arm she smiled a true “I … Read More »

Looks like Game on?

26 Apr

So we went the hospital last night and since then Jamie has been having pretty regular contractions but not regular enough yet 21:20 and they are about 10 minutes apart but can be 7 or 12 and are getting more … Read More »