MOM (Day 5!)

3 May

I am aware that a picture paints a thousand words but can I just add to those 1000 words here: Become a mom Just got out of very HOT relaxing bath Just had a lovely tea Glass of wine Glass … Read More »

Remember when…?

3 May

“So Jack, remember a few days ago when we were the main attraction?” “I do Sasha, but they’ll get over it they always do!” “You’ve just got to be patient!“

Enjoying it all!

3 May

We had a good night last night, Reagan didn’t feed till late and we got to bed at midnight so Reagan was content and sleeping until 04:30 Jamie got up and fed for an hour and put her back down … Read More »

Was it worth it?

2 May

Mommy and Reagan being kept warm by Grandma! (I watched this for nearly 90 minutes tonight and it was wonderful, just out of shot were two more Grandma made blankets covering the sleeping two!) Thank you Pam, it was definitely … Read More »

Becoming a Grandma!

2 May

I told a birth story today that I don’t think I have told here which I think was one of the most important things on my birth plan apart from the welfare of Jamie and Reagan! Keeping everyone informed as … Read More »

Morning has broken

1 May

At 5:30 we heard Reagan finally stir properly after both semi consciously listening to her breathe and squeak and move around although not a lot as we took the advice of the midwives and as Jamie so eloquently put it … Read More »