Bump the Bump?

14 Apr

Short blog today because of one single event: Jamie tripped and fell at the end of the drive today landing on her bump, although she put her hands out and her knees were grazed her “huge” bump hit the ground! … Read More »


13 Apr

First of all Jamie and the family Forster so far…chilaxing I feel a bit in limbo now, I’ve turned 40 and don’t feel any different (but knew I wouldn’t) and we are waiting to be parents and can’t do anything … Read More »

Party on!

11 Apr

Last night was great, with so many friends and family turning up to celebrate with with me and who also blessed me with so many wonderful cards and gifts! One special note should go to my best friend John who … Read More »

Now I’m 40

10 Apr

So, it’s my birthday and I’ve had a wonderful day so far with lots of cards presents and messages, they all made me feel very special indeed. I am sat here now watching the build up to the Grand National … Read More »