Looks like Game on?

26 Apr

So we went the hospital last night and since then Jamie has been having pretty regular contractions but not regular enough yet 21:20 and they are about 10 minutes apart but can be 7 or 12 and are getting more … Read More »

Waiting it out…

25 Apr

Hummm reading back yesterdays blog tells me to probably refrain from blogging whilst pissed lol Labour pains all day walked in the morning and this afternoon but not amounting to anything which is annoying. Began to spot late on today … Read More »

St George’s Day

23 Apr

It’s St George’s day today, I love the 23rd April and look forward to it, I always always celebrate it by at the very least wearing an England football shirt to provoke comment by people who question why I’m wearing … Read More »


21 Apr

Went to pool tonight with phone at the ready, just in case but I needn’t have bothered as there was not even a twinge while I was gone? She is a stubborn one and is going to make us wait … Read More »

Jamie speaks!

20 Apr

It seems like our life is on hold and we can’t and daren’t do anything we just do our best to carry on as normal knowing that at any moment our life is going to change forever! Wake, walk, eat, … Read More »