19 Jul

We got up at 5am and were out of the house by 06:20 and had a perfect drive down in the new car stopping off just once for a coffee and to sort Reagan out we called ahead and asked Patty where they were and they said still at home so we decided to call there first arriving at 11:00. After our last visit when we got a snotty letter from their neighbour for parking on the “public” highway I decided it would be nice to test our new cars horn as we pulled up, beep beeping loudly a few times as we pulled up LOL!

We followed Ian & Patty to Burley and decided to meet up for a picnic with them later.

Our B & B, Littlemead in Burley was a very beautiful house with a cider apple orchard to the side of it surrounded by fantastic scenery. Burley itself is a lovely little village with a few quaint shops a couple of pubs a school and a cricket club right next to a golf club. We would have loved to have stayed there a couple nights and had a look around that part of the New Forest.

We went for a picnic with Ian, Patty, Rob, Mel, Jan, Abel & Roger over in one of the many picnic areas, this particular one was perfectly  situated next to the village cricket pitch where there was a game being played but just as we got settled some of the wild horses that roam freely in the New Forest decided to roam freely right through the middle of our picnic scattering us to all corners lol we regrouped and we sat around for about an hour chatting and eating our picnic and it was just nice to meet some of the other guests before the party.

We returned to the B & B to get ready our selves and get Reagan into the cutest little party dress you ever saw once done we drove the short distance to the Old Buck Inn where we met up with those from earlier and the rest of the guests and settled down to showing off sorry I mean introducing our “little miss party girl” daughter…..sorry but I’m a proud dad… those who hadn’t already met her! Jo and Jason arrived who we hadn’t seen for a while so it was nice to catch up with them and it was also nice to meet Lucy and Chris again who we met briefly on our trip to the ‘enge. Katherine made a point of welcoming us even giving Reagan a gift which we loved and Reagan will too!
Special mention must go to the refreshments which the happy couple laid on London Pride was excellent and the Hog Roast butty’s were FERNOMINIZAL! easily the best crackling I’ve ever tasted. I had two pork butty’s and would have happily sat and eaten two more but I feared an explosion of suicide bomber proportion if I did lol.

As the evening progressed they arranged a quiz for everyone and the party moved indoors but we needed to get Reagan to sleep so we stopped outside for a while and bless her she fell asleep pretty quickly. As the quiz had started we decided to find a spot off the side of where everyone was and although we were having a great time couldn’t wait for the quiz to end to we could carry on talking to our old and new friends. Alas just as we were all having a natter and shouting at each other, as you do when your drunk, like all party’s the dreaded “your taxi’s outside” was heard and we began those looooooooong drunken goodbye’s that taxi drivers must hate hahaha!

Great party it was just over far too soon but a big thanks to Patty and Ian for inviting us, and I think Patty enjoyed it?

The next morning I walked back to the pub to pick the car up, we had nothing planned so we decided to go to the beach and asked the landlady for a road atlas and found we were 20 minutes from Bournemouth so that’s where we headed after breakfast. Although slightly overcast it was warm when the sun came out so we headed straight for the beach with the intention of staying there until Jamie’s hangover had subsided (lol) I had avoided a hangover by luck rather that judgement but we settled in our spot on the beach and watched the world pass us by.

We paddled in the sea and sunbathed for a couple of hours making sure Reagan didn’t catch any of the direct sun which was by now OUT and very warm, they say sea air and sun burns quickly and I can vouch that it does!!!

We wandered into Bournemouth for some lunch and got ripped off by the local fish and chip shop who served it with the skin still on(?) and no mushy peas…the dirty bastards! We took them back to the beach and ate them by the sea which did make them taste slightly better until a gust of wind blew sand in Jamie’s which sort of finished it off 🙁

Quote of the day while sat at the beach watching & judging all the other beach bums was from Jamie who said “You don’t see a lot of big over weight Indians do you? Which is strange when you consider all they eat is curry!” There’s nothing you can add to that….. I just fell about laughing!

Deciding that it was time to head home was a difficult decision because we knew it was raining up north but even if it was snowing I always love to get back to everything northern no matter where I’ve been so we packed our stuff up got in the car and chose navigate to ‘HOME’ in the sat nav and set off.

It was 15:15 when we left the petrol station in Bournemouth and about 15:25 on the motorway when a car past us with its occupants gesticulating at me that something was wrong with our car? Realising I hadnt shut the filler cap I pulled over and shut it oooops! It seemed such a long way home especially because the air con in our new car needs re gassing which I wished I’d done on numerous occasions driving home a couple of stops and some steady motorway driving and it was 19:05 as we pulled of at junction 18 Middlewich and it was a queue for second Quote of the day again from Jamie as a stench of cow shit wafted into the car “Smell that Reagan that’s the smell of home…..!”     LOL…..OK?

Just a great weekend!

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