Positive encouragement

19 Mar

Last few meal times have been a little tricky to say the least with Reagan throwing a fit waiting to be fed just being so impatient when she realises you’ve started cooking. Its funny if you think about it, she smells food so why can’t she have it, she has no concept of cooking time…

After 20 to 30 mins we serve tea and Reagan then turns her nose up at what ever you put in front of her and it is heartbreaking frustrating and scary that this little 10 month old could become a fussy eater even after months of loving meal times and enjoying her food?

We only want the best for Reagan and we especially to DO the best for her also, so for her to start spitting food out that she has previously devoured we are concerned. Dinnertime I was found wanting by mama when she returned from yoga I had given her raisens which ate in double quick time but kidz ravioli in tomato sauce which is usually a winner was spat out with every attempt to feed it to her.  I was sat there frustrated having failed to feed my daughter so had given in and gave her bread which I knew she would eat

Tonight a similar situation arose but with both mommy and daddy on hand we started letting her fed herself with a fork by sticking a piece of food on to the fork then guiding although she was doing 99% of it into her mouth. Then clapping and praising every time she took food from the fork, eventually we could stick food onto the fork and Reagan would excitedly put it in her mouth and take it off the fork just to hear mommy an daddy cheer and clap everytime she did it!

In 20 minutes we had gone from a little madame stomping her mark on how things were going to be at meal times…to a whole meal eaten and we were looking for uneaten food to stick on her fork so she could eat it and get another round of applause before we said “all gone”

It was wonderful to see her relish eating and to think that maybe with just a bit of positive encouragement mom and dad could make sure she has a varie diet throughout her life and not become a “picky” eater?

….time will tell but I will be giving Reagan a round of applause every mealtime if that’s what it takes!

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