Rollercoaster times

5 Oct

A tough one to write this because if I had written it at 9am this morning I would have gushed with pride and how special I felt because at around 04:30 I joined Jamie and Lincoln in bed and after supporting Jamie and reassuring her at her most stressful time I was able to take Lincoln downstairs for an hour or so allowing mommy to sleep a little without being disturbed.

I would have tempered it with the fact that my time with Lincoln just proved to me that he is very COLICY meaning we are in for a torrid time with him as he will be in a lot of discomfort most of the time for a few weeks yet. It also told me how bad its been for Jamie over the last couple of weeks because Lincoln sees his only way to get rid of or find relief from his discomfort is to nurse, meaning Jamie has no respite from him. That said I have never seen a more dedicated mom than her and she tries everything to help him but as I found out he is constantly creasing in pain and requires a lot of attention to settle him that you do not sleep yourself for any length of time.

Jamie managed an hour and three quarters before she came down to us with Reagan which she said helped a lot but it was time for me to get ready and go to work which meant leaving her again all day to “cope”. She obviously did, and really well to because I found her exhausted but in good spirits with tea on and a pretty tidy house.

The thing that helped her the most today was a visit from the health visitor and Lincoln weighing in at 9lb 6ozs which meant mommy and mommy alone had made Lincoln gain 1lbs in weight since last week (I always thought she had great tits but this just proved it!)

At this point (which was around midnight) I had to stop I had to stop writing this blog as we needed to sort out Lincoln and our sleep arrangements but I thought the beginning was good enough to publish so I am publishing it as is!

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