Smile in the face of adversity?

7 Sep

At around 5am this morning I heard Reagan stir but only very briefly and quietly but once I had heard her I wasn’t able to go back to sleep so lay there for maybe five or ten minutes as she gradually woke up more and more until she was nearly shouting. During this time I felt Jamie wake and she too was listening to Reagan chirping away to herself as loud as she could and I said if it wasn’t 05:15 you think it was hilarious and we actually both laughed.

The chirping gradually changed into a sort of cry when she slowly realised that dad hadn’t come in to pick her up, change her nappy and take her into mom for booby. At this point you know she is not going to go back to sleep and it was mom who cracked first and volunteered to try and settle her back down, but I just lay there awake for the next hour until Jamie crept back into bed leaving Reagan asleep.

We lay there trying to relax but I knew both of us were just listening and praying she stayed asleep but then we heard the binky drop from her mouth and then you have a couple of seconds silence before she starts to cry again and both of us let out an audible sigh wondering what is wrong and why she won’t sleep.

The plan was for me to go and make a bottle while Jamie soothed her but in the end Jamie went to make a bottle  and I was about to go into Reagan but she went quiet so I just sat on the bed and listened and again I smiled to myself because Jamie was down stairs making the bottle I was sat on the bed awake and Reagan had nodded off and was sound asleep again, I’m sure with a cheeky little grin on her face.

I heard Jamie coming back upstairs and whispered to her that she had gone back to sleep so we went back to bed and whether I actually fell asleep I’m not sure but it was 06:58 when we heard the bin lorry reversing up the road and without a word exchanged we both dived out of bed simultaneously to close all the windows shutting out the very loud noise and again smiled as we stood there silent listening to see if she’d disturbed.

We slid back into bed and I lay there for another half an hour before it was time to get up, I  looked at Jamie who was asleep and then I walked past Reagan’s room and she too was asleep so I crept downstairs and took Jack for a walk trying to wake myself up…!

Reagan has slept through the night for most of her 18+ weeks of life so we haven’t done bad and they say if you can get sleep when you have a small baby then you can cope with everything else but if you start missing sleep everything starts to become hard and I can say that is definitely true. I love her to bits but I wish she could tell us what she needs because she didn’t come with a manual and Mom and Dad are at a loss to know what to do?

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