Snotty McSnoterson boo for teething colds

24 Jan

Went to get Reagan up this morning and she was happily playing in her cot crawling around in there but immediately stopped when she heard the door open and that big smile appeared on her face as I came into view. That alone makes my day and makes me smile too but that is soon wiped away as the aroma of what I am about to experience in her nappy wafts into my nostrils? No matter what’s in store for me she lays there smiling so happy that I’m there and will be picking her up in a moment.

Scooping her up into my arms she buries her head into my shoulder as if to hug me as I take her over to the changing table or more specifically the foot stool in front of the armchair in her bedroom and place her down and see there is an awful lot of snot in and around her nostrils which is unusual so before I tackle her nappy I get a wipe and sort out her nose, which she hates with all her being and fights you off but perseverance won over and I got her nose sort then turned my attentions to the nappy…

I am not going to go into detail here because most of you can imagine what I found, but during next few minutes I could be heard “Oh my god’ing” and “Jesus christ’ing” interjected with the odd retching sound while I cleaned my beautiful princess daughter up! I don’t mind doing this in a morning as it is rare if the nappy is dirty although it is always wet, what is annoying is the laughing and tittering I can here from our bedroom where mommy is laying still tucked up in bed and the odd “is it bad, then?” ……

Then, this morning not only did mommy stay out of the way during business  but came in whisked her clean talced nappy clad behind off  for some cuddles leaving me to clear up and get ready for work.

Thanks dude LOL!

Favourite saying at the moment “I love that little girl!”

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