The day after the night before

5 Sep

Was woken at 01:30 approx by Jamie sat on the edge of the bed telling me she felt ill…?

I love Jamie and loved the fact that she got out on a “girls night” and would do anything to make the aftermath a little easier and I know better than most how to live through a hangover….!

First of all you got to sleep, usually pass out, but you have to sleep so I spoke gently and told her to lie down but I knew it was difficult but she must have dosed off because the next time I sensed her was her getting out of bed to throw up about 3am and I felt and heard her do that a couple more times during the night.

I heard Reagan at 7am and got up gently so as not to disturb Jamie and went to the bathroom to clean my teeth and wash then went into Reagan’s room but she was asleep again so I gently got back into bed and it wasn’t until 08:45 that I eventually went to get Reagan and change her and take her down stairs to watch CBEEBIES while I made Jamie some toast and fetched her some iced water. Once I knew she was sort of ok I went to sort Reagan’s breakfast before checking Jamie again and leaving for a long walk in the sun.

The highlight of this summer has and is definitely taking Reagan and Jack for a walk and this morning was as good as it gets everyone I meet showing interest in Reagan and Reagan giving every single one of em a big smile…perfect.

When I got home I gave Jamie the orange lucazade and chocolate for a sugar rush and then the choice of eggs and bacon or a cream cheese tomato chicken and salad wrap, she chose the latter and I just kept telling her that eating will get you through this. Although after eating the wrap she didn’t seem to feel better having food inside you is definitely the way to feeling better, sure enough next time I went to check she requested another!

Reagan and I just played games and made sure mommy was ok all the time made sure she had everything she needed. It wasn’t until teatime when Jamie was bathed and up and about that she said she felt better but had no energy so I made mash potato’s chips and chicken and then she was finally good.

I loved my day with Reagan we really enjoyed our selves and yes it is hard work even just for one day but the rewards are fantastic and she is so happy with everything you do with her!

Sounds like she had a ball and so what she had a hangover….let anyone say they would never get hungover and I will call them a liar or a non drinker…!

Drinking is like falling off a horse, it hurts for a while but the best thing to do is get straight back on it!

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