There’s no fool like a young, beautiful, pregnant fool!

1 Apr
Last night Jamie said one of the first things she wants to do as soon as she is no longer pregnant is lay on her belly, she described the experience as “here take the baby then in slow motion dive onto the bed and flop down” she did the slow motion sound also but I wasn’t sure how to type it?

Played an April fools joke on Jamie first thing this morning, it was very easy because she has loved the great weather over last few days and is looking forward to me being off for four days after today so we can try and walk the baby out of her. So when I said it had snowed over night and there was 3″ of snow on the ground she believed me, and I could tell her plans were disappointingly having to change in her head. I left her in bed with those thoughts and left for work, half way there I got the following message “It didn’t bloody snow you Douche! Jeez I was already planning a snow day!” lol
Today at work we were offered Gadget Show Live trade passes, but we can’t have the time off to attend F&%K I would love to go to that show even on trade day ahhh well maybe next year?
The garden is beginning to look like the Khmer Rouge Killing Fields every morning thanks to Sasha…! The following photo highlights this mornings “gifts” which I was told specifically not to photograph close up due to the horrific injuries and to spare those with a nervous disposition. We are aware that she likes to kill and usually leaves one body dump per night but this was a killing “spree”
Left work for four days at 5:30 and Jamie was waiting by the canal with Jack so we walked home together, when we got there she sat on the sofa and her belly began visibly moving so I put my hand on her and sat feeling Reagan move…ALOT! It’s amazing to think she’s in there and doesn’t know just how much we want to meet her.
Just had tea…CHEESE on TOAST I did mine the proper way using bread, cheese, HP sauce & (a new special little ingredient I have just discovered compliments the dish perfectly) tabasco sauce.
Cooked using, maybe surprising to some, a grill? until the cheese melts and begins to toast then allow it to bubble away for just the right amount of time until its time to season the dish with HP and Tabasco. A simple recipe I think and stood the test of time…a stalwart of English fair for generations….
Now Jamie has the same tea but couldn’t have been more different…wasn’t like anything I’d ever seen done? Cheese on toast done in a frying pan using Kraft Velveeta cheese, flown in from the states special for the meal

Piled on the wafer thin turkey ham, then cracked open the homemade pickles also flown in from America and thought it was the bestest tea she’d had for soooooooooo long! No HP sauce…you couldn’t make it up? Pam will read this and know she made her little daughter so very happy, a little taste of home put such a smile on her face! They always do, its like Christmas when one arrives, she glows the whole day after getting one. It’s just a shame you’ve never jumped out of one to surprise her. Anyway I digress…

Votes please English Cheese on Toast or ‘merican… you choose!
More drivel tomorrow

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