Warmer and Drier!

9 Dec

I noticed last night that even though we had the heating on all night Reagan’s room was cold and while I sat there in the dark with me arm over the cot side and Reagan laying on her side gripping my thumb and little finger tightly as a comforter while she drifted off to sleep again. May I point out here that it was 00:45 and this was the second time she’d woken up which is the norm last couple of nights but we do have a toof about to burst through from her top gum at the front so its probably that.

Any road round back to what I noticed, I sat there shivering and there was a towel over the radiator drying which had sapped all the heat not allowing it to radiate around the room. All our radiators are always covered in washing and we probably use a ton more gas trying to heat the house because of this, and we always say we should buy a drier but something always comes up and we always say maybe next month!

Well I sat there and decided that in the January sales or as they’re better known nowadays ‘the day after christmas because shops can’t wait till January any more sales we HAVE to buy a drier because the three of us create a lot of washing and until April time we will won’t be able to dry anything other than on radiators. So thats it we hit the shops this month not next month and we will buy that drier…..that does mean I have to tidy the garage again and install a double socket to power both the beer fridge and the new drier but I’ll worry about that when it arrives but don’t tell Jamie

By the way once Reagan has drifted off again in the night its tricky but not impossible to wriggle free of her vice like grip without waking her and creep back to bed for a few hours sleep before I wake to find her and mommy snoring next to me and wonder how the…what the aw well it’s only 6am we have another hour or so…arrhhhhh! Snuggle Snuggle!

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