17 Nov

Sorry to burden this blog with my own personal sadness but I want to write about a friend of mine that not so long ago in my head but many actual years was so much part of my life we were inseparable. It makes me smile to remember all the good times we had and the friendship we had, a friendship that probably wasn’t 50 50 because I desperately wanted him as a friend and he wanted everybody to be his friend no matter what…

We had a gang that were out seven nights a week drinking and having a laugh and although Spike wasn’t always out whenever he was everyone loved him being around but he had other friends and spread himself around never getting tied to a routine of drinking with The Cledford gang everynight where as I was.

on other occasions we would arrange to go down town and i would call at his house and we would walk down together only for him to be the centre of attention and go off with another crowd leaving me to drink at the bar but I really wanted to be like him and to be popular not realising until later that I actually was but in a different way

I fought along side him in bar fights spending hours in hospital because although game we weren’t the best at fighting went to concerts that I was thrown out of but he stayed till the end so I sat in a pub waiting for it to end and catch a train home lay in my room listening to records and drinking Merrydown, spiked each others hair into mohicans and basically hung out

Along with the rest of the gang I really did love the guy but I remember one day sitting in a Ford Capri in the backseat and Spike & Bona went into the sex shop in Crewe and brought out 4 tubs of amilnitrate “poppers” and watched them both sniff away at a pot each for ages offering me one which I refused. After that I watch him quickly progress to anything that was going, as I stood aside refusing to get taken in, but at the time it didn’t matter because all me mates were trying these things and dismissing them as shite and returning to drinking which meant I didnt get ribbed or ridiculed, but Spike wasn’t like that.

For Spike drinking never held the rich appeal that it did to the rest of us and I think his addictive personality lead him in a direction away from his true friends that could tell he was being an idiot and would have told him so and towards people who had already secomed to drugs a lot more potent than Middlewich could offer at the time…?

We carried on drinking and saw less and less of Spike although still in and around Middlewich he had a new set of friends and that was when I think I realised he was lost…

Over the next few years I wrote to him in jail visited him jail and spent some time with him when he was out of jail but from the outside he looked like the Spike of old, but he now had convictions for dealing and was probably so addicted to whatever he was on he wouldnt even remember these times anyway. That makes me sad. I was still desperate to be his friend and still desperate to be as popular as him?

I now know that what I did during the 80’s and 90’s was to become “someone who lots of people wanted to be around” or popular if you’d like, without ever trying drugs even once yet all around me were trying the lot. I smoked cigarettes and gave them up and I have drank to excess (my only vice still) but I’m alive and happy.

Spike was always the popular one and EVERYONE loved him but at what cost, I don’t know if he kept in touch with his daughter but I’m sure she will be upset at his passing My friends and me will go to his funeral and reminisce about the great times we had with him, his mom and dad sister and family will break their heart over his death as will the 10’s if not hundreds that will show up at his funeral but in the back of all our minds will be “what a waste”

I will remember him as for spiking each others hair into mohicans in each others bedrooms while listening to punk rock music on the record player then going downtown visiting every pub drinking as much as we could by 11pm then staggering to Shirl and Rolands house to carry on drinking and meeting up with everyone else there and the laughs we used to have!


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