8 Jun
Where do I start on today? We were all early risers as planned knowing were being picked up to go to the station at 07:30 I knew as soon as I woke my stress levels were slightly high because we had to catch the 08:33 London-Midland to Euston and I know how much can go wrong! So I got ready and left the girls to get ready themselves while I made us all coffee bacon and eggs. I should point out that Jamie does so well at getting herself ready and then getting Reagan ready too I am not sure I could organise myself and Reagan even half as well.
I shouldn’t of worried because we were in the car and on our way to Crewe station in plenty of time but I was still stressed because we were not on the train yet! Once at the station we found our train and got on at a Disabled area which has loads of room to stow the pram, and set up camp a little way down from there at a table with four seats we all breathed a sigh of relief and settled in Jamie then pointed out that we should have brought our Yahtzee! game DOH! What a fantastic idea, just an hour too late 🙁 Then she said …and we forgot snacks DOH! and at this point I’m sure Reagan open one eye glanced at Jamie’s boobs smiled and and thought “I didn’t!” closed her eye again and went back to sleep.
A three hour train journey can be long but the excitement of seeing London made the journey go faster for most, I just caught up on Sundays and Mondays newspapers and all the hype about the world cup which begins on Friday and the game against the USA on Saturday “Come on England!”
We got a text from Patty as we were passing Watford Junction but I was more interested in the guy I had just spotted sitting across the carriage from us. It was non other than Edward Tenpole of Tenpole Tudor fame and could resist engaging him in a chat as we arrived into Euston station. Patty had said in her text to make our way on the tube to Westminster station and use Exit 4 Not only is it where they were waiting for us but also right under the clock tower containing Big Ben (but for now we will just go with Big Ben for this blog!)
THE TUBE and BABIES IN PRAMS let me tell you if my stress levels were high before FMD they were through the roof when we tackled this challenge. First we get off the train and make our way off the platform and realise straight away that elevators are no as popular as stairs in fact there are so many stairs in the tube I may never tackle it again with a pram. The only way you can possibly cope with them is to carry it between two of you. Escalators are easier but still quite technical and then coupled with the idiots that have to run up and down them and are annoyed when they can’t get past you
We eventually made it to exit 4 Westminster Station and saw Patty and Ian, our friends who had also made their way to London to spend the day with us, it was fantastic to see our friends again but alas with Big Ben standing right behind them Pam was off taking pictures as soon as she’d met them It was their first time meeting Reagan so we caused quite an obstruction on a very busy pavement for a while until we set off to cross the Thames to get the best photos we could of the houses of parliament. We crossed Westminster bridge on one side and walked back on the other side taking photo’s all the way then went over to Westminster Abbey which I think may just have aced Chester Cathedral you’ll have to ask Pam?
We then walked from there down Parliament Street and Whitehall past Downing Street towards Trafalgar Square we took photos of the cenotaph and all the political buildings but the picture on the right here outside Horse Guards was my personal favourite LOL!
Trafalgar Square was a stop of point for feeding Reagan primarily and change her too so Jamie and me sat under the ‘4th plinth’ (Nelsons Ship in a bottle) everyone else went of to do their own thing for while we got a chance to calm down too because it is so stressful to take Reagan around such a busy city!
After Trafalgar Square it was off to The Mall to see Buckingham Palace we walked through Admiralty Arch and past Horse Guards Parade where the military bands were practising for Saturdays Trooping of the Colour After a leisurely walk down the Mall we arrived at Buck House and spent half an hour or so soaking up the whole thing and getting as many photos we could!
It was just a perfect day and when I stood outside the Palace watching Jamie and her mom enjoying it together made it for me too.
We then retraced our steps back towards Westminster taking our time and taking another look at all the things we’d seen and catching a few we didn’t, one of which was the changing of the guard at Kensington palace which everyone enjoyed especially when one of the guards tripped we all got a kick out of that a bit like the woman and horse guard when she got hold of the horses bridle and he gave her a love tap with his size 10 boot lol!
Back at the tube station (in rush hour) we travelled with Ian and Patty to Victoria where we said our goodbyes and a big thank you to Ian who was an excellent tour guide two true friends indeed! We then battled our way across London to Euston where out train was just arriving so once it emptied we had choice of seats so a table was ours again. Now this proved a little difficult to hold onto when Reagan was lifted out of the pram smelling non too sweet lets just say, so mommy and Daddy sorted her out while Pam organised the seats Once back at the seats all clean and refreshed Pam told of her own little battle with the commuters of London and the fact that the seats were her family’s and there’d be trouble if anyone sat down! SHE WON!
The Journey home was long because we were all tired and made slightly more stressful by firstly the amount of people travelling out of London and the fact that we were on the back of the train and our bit wasn’t going to Crewe but terminating at Northampton? It was ok though because a bit of organisation when the crowds thinned out and we were again on a table on right part of the train all the way back to Crewe where me mum was waiting with the car! Once home everyone especially Pam said what a superb day it was and that how tired we all were and that it was time for bed….

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