8 May

I have noticed the days are shorter with Reagan here?

…and so are the nights!
Everything takes longer to do even if it isn’t effected by Reagan directly? I’m not sure weather tiredness has a lot to do with it, because although we have a great daughter who allows us more sleep than we could have hoped for I do feel tired a lot and that effect my concentration.
There is no schedule or routine it is all governed by Reagan I can’t imagine going back to work and personally having to stick to a routine while the rest of the house is still like it is today…?
Last night we slept for three hours fed then went to bed slept for four and half hours fed then slept for two and a half hours and we got up about nine fresh as daisies so we decided to go to visit Jamie’s yoga class to show them what they’re all aiming for (and I say that as the proudest dad ever!)
We arrived at Yoga as they were packing up and Jamie walked in and was litterally mobbed by the whole class I just stood back and allowed Jamie her moment but after 5 minutes of ‘moment’ I was actually noticed and someone talked to me too hahaha A room full of chattering pregnant ladies all wanting to know what it’s like and to swoon over Reagan was really overpowering but I did sort of enjoy it….! I hope we didn’t come across as “we’re now experts” kind of people but it was nice to share some new found experience. I also told Alison the teacher how much her relaxation and breathing class helped me when it came to ‘couching'(?) Jamie throughout her labouring because it meant I knew a little about what Jamie expected from me.
We had a who’s going to blink first this afternoon with Reagan, Jamie and me had not seen a dirty a diaper for almost 24 hours (plenty of wet ones though!) and we were getting worried. We discussed what to do and we decided to ring a midwife so while Jamie got the phone and looked for a number I sat with Reagan and then just as Jamie started to dial Reagan smiled went red faced and let’s just say cancelled the call!!!
We fed her later and just as she finished feeding that (what I can only describe as that “wet fart” sound again resonated around the living room and Jamie and me looked at each other and laughed and I just thought
“How is my life changing” well…. Saturday nights in enjoying hearing someone take a dump in drawing room, sort of sums up my answer right now!

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