Bellies in the sun!

3 Apr
Woke up to a wet pussy this morning, after fixing the broken window in the greenhouse Sasha had no refuge to hide in from the rain so when I let here in she was soaking wet?

After putting the coffee pot on I went back to bed while it dripped its loveliness for us to drink. Jamie was sad that the Branston’s had stopped and it looks like Reagan might not be an Easter baby but there’s still plenty of time!
Cleared the garage out last weekend and decided to take the trailer, containing the single bed from the old spare room (now Reagan’s room) down to the tip, today! I had finally remembered to get some “tip permits” which you have to have, if you pull a trailer onto the council tip! Now, last time I went there without a permit I was turned away, but this time the SAME bloke says when I offered him the permit he says “Ooooh you don’t need one of them for this size trailer?” This annoyed me, more than being turned away last time…if there’s a rule fair enough, if there isn’t, leave me alone arggghhh!
We went for a walk in the sunshine today it was fantastic and so much more pleasurable than yesterday when it rained. When the sun was out it was really warm like a summers day and Jamie was determined to make it to our favourite bench and sit for a while. along the way we saw the first butterflies of the year and stood in awe at a buzzard floating effortlessly on thermals. When we got there Jamie met up with another pregnant chick and they both sat in the sun relaxing….of coarse I was not there I went somewhere else and left them to it, although I did notice that the other girl’s pregnancy hormones had made her belly very hairy?

So hairy infact when I returned I took a photo of the two of them for the blog I think the other girl was at least 9 months pregnant and was ugly ooooh man I ain’t never seen an uglier woman with just the one head jeez she must have fellout of the ugly tree as a child and hit every branch on the way down.
Back home we made a butty for dinner and chilled in the sun until it went cool and Jamie went to lie down and I took Jack for another walk returning to make tea!
I have been writing a new website for a week or so now and this afternoon published it on the internet. Although it’s nowhere near the finished article you can see it at it will become what I want it to be, over the next few weeks IF I HAVE TIME LOL!
So once tea was done and the washing up put away I returned to the living room to find her bawling her eyes out at Ghost…! Whilst watching it our favourite thing to do lately is to balance the remote on her belly and watch it wiggle and jiggle as Reagan kicks it…we could watch that all night!
Ok Jamie’s tears are really flowing now as Sam says I love you Molly and not Ditto….unfortunately I know you don’t get that chance, it just doesn’t happen like that! So you should always say things to each other as though you may never get another chance!

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