Build her and they will come!

1 May

Before I get onto the visitors I have to say I feel so happy that my time has come to be able to help Jamie with all this, and feel needed. This morning (early shift) ended with Jamie getting up around half nine sort of refreshed but grateful for the chance to sleep in. I’d had the easy time of it, Reagan didn’t stir very much at all so the whole family was happy.

If you can call having Reagan “building” then yes that’s the reason they are now coming. We had a lot of visitors today and we were so pleased to see all of them everyone calls before showing up which helps so we can head them off if its not a good time. We have been blessed with lots of cards and and gifts for Reagan and she is amassing quite a wardrobe of pretty little dresses now, she will be the talk of the town when she makes her debut!
A Champagne cork was heard in the house at one point when Aunty Karen and Uncle Karl arrived and Jamie (now such a cheap date these days) had a glass and was “buzzed” lol
It thundered and lightened at teatime, something it hadn’t done for a while here but it didn’t frighten Reagan at all
Now one of my favourite things at the moment is watching Reagan suck frantically on her dummy\soother\ pacifier (whatever?) then stop…..the suck frantically again then stop, this goes on for hours and for me is the best entertainment!

Midwife came to see how we were getting on and to check on mom and baby and both were given a clean bill of health and told they were doing just fine. We also had a couple of questions to ask
Question 1: Does the house have to be as hot as the hospital? Answer: NO!
We noticed Reagan’s hands looked a little blue so the fire went on and then the heating and that was left on all night and her hands were still slightly blue? We on the other hand were walking around half dressed and almost passing out it was so hot, the midwife laughed and said no the blueness is normal and baby’s temperature should be judged by the torso generally not the extremities and the house should be kept as you normally keep it and wrap baby up in the same amount of layers you have on yourself and she will get used to it! If you need another layer then so does baby That is so simple and logical but until someone tells you you go on what you know which is hospital was hot so house needs to be hot!
Question 2: Can we leave the house? Answer: YES!
We were scared to take Reagan out in case we damaged her by… well actually I have no idea (a temperature thing again) but it was like we needed permission to do it? Again the midwife laughed of coarse you can go out baby will be fine just refer to the layer rule again! Mommy is the concern right now when ‘going out’ she has had major surgery a couple of days ago and needs all her strength and energy for baby and not trips to Asda or visiting family and friends also no vacuumng or any household chores for a while rest when you can and see to baby. This was good advice because I can do all that 🙂 Yay I have a purpose! We agreed then that a walk to the canal at the bottom of the road to feed ducks was the limit for our first family outing and I will blog it when that happens.
While the visitors were here we got them to take a family photo, something we didn’t have yet other than the self taken one published earlier.

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