Dad does bedtime. (Part III)

6 Jul

I will start by saying “it’s getting easier”!

Tonight Jamie planned to go to the gym after tea so it was just me and Reagan for the evening, and even though I knew a couple of days ago that it was Dad doing bedtime again there was no anxiety at all at the prospect! I came home from work and spent some time with Reagan while mommy finished off her Chicken Chasseur extravaganza (it was actually ace, really tasty and I loved it!)

Jamie left at 19:10 and so did Reagan and me, our plan was to take Jack for a walk and get some fresh evening air in our lungs and then return home to chill together for a while until bedtime. We walked into town, waving at mommy as she drove by, and enjoyed a lazy stroll along the canal. It was warm but I put Reagan in a hoody and tucked an aunt Sandi blanket around her legs just to keep her cozy and we meandered back home where Reagan napped for a while and I washed the pots and then we went upstairs and posted the last couple of posts together.

At twenty past eight I started the bath running and got Reagan ready for it wrapping her in a towel to keep her warm. The bath was just about perfect when I tested it and only tested it once now getting a bit of confidence with the old ‘elbow test’ so I placed her carefully in. She stared straight into my eyes the whole time, while I put her in the bath, a sort of “I trust you dad, even though I know this could get messy, just don’t drop me” kind of look!

Once in there she loved it and her favourite thing is pushing herself off the side off the bath which she is so strong at doing…! This time I was pretty confident with the whole thing and remembered soap which I forgot last time I was so stressed but this time Reagan got time to play as well as a good wash before it was time to get her out and keep her warm! So once in the towel again we went straight to the bedroom where I dried her off and put a nappy back on and then moisturised her all over so she actually smelled nice too, her mommy would have been so proud to see that! Next I put her into her PJ’s and put her into her sleeping bag leaving on the bed while I went to make her a bottle and although she fussed she didn’t cry!

She ate some of the bottle but she very quickly lost interest in it so I read her “The Ugly Duckling” (can I  just say how RACIST it was and that those other ducks should be brought to book for that kind of behaviour towards a defenceless minority!) anyway a bit of thumb sucking and the story sent a very tired Reagan off and with a careful lift from bed to cot she was happily dreaming of seeing mommy again in a few hours

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