Earning our stripes

10 Aug

I think this is where we as parents earn our stripes, over the last few days we’ve had a very unhappy Reagan and she can not tell us whatn is wrong? She has screaming fits that can last an hour or more and there is little or nothing we can do but try and figure out what the cause is. Teething was our first guess which she definately is because you could drown in the amount of drool that comes from her and she will gnaw away at anything you give her and can scream if she gets that gnawing just right. She has a teething rash on her face around her mouth but the screaming fits she has aren’t necessarily cured by bonjela applications? Colic is our second guess and she has all the signs of a colic sufferer ie intense screaming red faced looks uncomfortable arched back passing wind etc Infrocol does seem to sooth the screaming but to say it cures it would be wrong? We took her to the doctor because of the rash on her chest belly and back, our third guess, which can look angrier around late aftrnoon time when the screaming fits usually occur and if you can imagine if its itchy and she doesn’t know how to scratch it that could make anyone scream so we have some eczma cream and bath anticeptic to ease that but all that said we are just guessing at the true cause hoping we get it right and make her comfortable!

Both of us said straight away that if we could take whatever it is away by having it ourselves we would at the drop of a hat! It is soooo stressful to watch Reagan scream like she is being tortured and not know what to do for the best.

Happily the screaming eventually subsides and an exhausted mommy, more than daddy both have to sit and de stress for a moment or two. On Sunday we found the perfect way to destress and that was to take a bottle of white a bottle of red and two Edinburgh crystal glasses and push a now sleeping Reagan along the canal to our favourite spot and sit in the warm evening sun.

Almost stress free?

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