Enjoying it all!

3 May

We had a good night last night, Reagan didn’t feed till late and we got to bed at midnight so Reagan was content and sleeping until 04:30 Jamie got up and fed for an hour and put her back down and we all slept again till now 09:00 when I got up and left the other two asleep and they’re still there now 09:31 so no early morning shift for me today which I am glad about but it’s tinged slightly with disappointment because I do love to watch Reagan sleep

Last night before bed we had a great half an hour of family time we sat Reagan, upright on the sofa she was wide awake and we watched as she seemed to be learning to move her arms & legs kicking with one leg then the other punching with her arms and the doing all them together. All the time she was giving a little squeak of joy and a smile but mostly she was watching in wonder as she moved her limb they would pass her face and if she did it again the same thing happened…these moment for Jamie and me remind us what the the tough times are for!

Now I mentioned smiling and we were told at this stage its probably wind but last night Jamie was feeding and she melted when Reagan stopped, looked up at her and smiled another moment that makes you forget the tough times. This morning I had a similar experience when I was nursing her and she just looked at me and a smile broke across her face so I immediately understood what Jamie was talking about.
The other thing we are bowled over by is Reagan’s fascination in everything but especially light or flashing lights, we know she can’t focus or see much further that 12″ to 18″ but light mesmerises her and I try to imagine all the things she is sensing and how its all being processed in that innocent mind. That all blows our minds and we are beginning to enjoy all this and were only on day 5…
We bathed her for the first time at home and it was another mom dad experience to cherish and make us think we can do this?

My time, I had to have some today I was shattered I got on the bed and didn’t stir for an hour and a half then had hot bath it was bliss and I came out fighting fit which is as important right now so I can ‘do my bit’ when required to…
Jamie as a mommy is thriving, it is a pleasure to be part of it. She is taking to it like a natural and she would do anything for our child but I have to slow her down still and make her rest but she’ll learn that there is still mommy time. So tonight once Reagan was fed I ran her a bath and sent her away to relax while I cooked tea and looked after Reagan who actually just watched the Simpsons and took a nap!

3 hours of bliss we are sat her after tea enjoying each other company relaxing with the telly on while Reagan sleeps it’s been a fantastic day!

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