Life begins again…!

5 May

Today was planned to be our first trip out and we were prepared when we came to leave for the store Reagan plus Grandma’s baby bag full to brimming with all manner of gear for every eventuality. We strapped her into her car seat and she nodded off to sleep before we strapped her into the car. We walked around the store met all sorts of people and got supplies, loaded up the car again strapped her in and drove home. When we got there we decided to go and feed the ducks on the canal while the weather was good so we put the shopping away and went for a walk along the canal

Last night Jamie and I went to bed at midnight and woke this morning at 06:30 because Reagan slept all night which was fantastic, Mommy and Daddy’s sleep was only broken by waking up and checking on the sleeping one. I can not go back to sleep if I stir during the night until I hear her breathing or squeek or just make a noise, once I hear that I’m good but I think she know’s and plays a little game with me because sometimes it can be 1 or 2 minutes before you hear anything and the noise comes just when panic starts to build and you go to get up “squeek” and I imagine her laying there smiling to her self….

The trick seems to be start the last feed at 11pm and feed for as long as she can or is interested then swaddle her up and we all go to bed right then. She takes a while for her to settle but then when sleep comes it seems to last? This has worked a couple of times and its early days but it was nice to know its possible already.

We find ourselves beginning to live our lives again more everyday without even noticing it the three of us together rather than Mom and Dad forgetting to do the basic things for themselves because they are 100% focused on what Reagan wants and needs. Jamie mentioned cleaning her teeth and the fact that she didn’t clean hers at all yesterday and that she had this morning and I ran me tongue over me teeth and thought damn I don’t think I did either things like that we would not have noticed a couple of days ago.
Missing meals was another thing, we just didn’t seem to have time but knew that we should eat regularly to keep our energy levels up for the person\reason we’re missing those meals for in the first place.
The house is a tip, we noticed that today too and began picking it all up and find a place for everything which there just doesn’t seem to be right now? We have to concede that before her arrival we did not see the necessity for Reagan to have a wardrobe but since she arrived her gifts from whom we will be eternally grateful mean a new wardrobe in the near future will be filled with summer dresses hooded tops pants and loads of clothes almost immediately!
For the rest of today we have to sit in and wait for a scheduled midwife visit. They are good because we get to ask her questions about things we’re not sure of or have concerns about!
Tomorrow is a big day when we register her birth in the UK because once we do that and get her birth certificate we can then register as an American born abroad too!

“I love you, mom!”

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