The longest night…Pt2

14 Oct

The message I got while refereeing a pool match in Winsford was “She not even snoring just sound asleep, the only crisis we have is I’m out of wine!!!” the scene I returned to at around 22:30 was a screaming Reagan with mommy cradling her not sure what to do for the best….?

Now I consider myself a pretty calm sort of person and believe panicking doesn’t achieve anything but when I saw and heard our daughter in distress and struggling for breath it was very hard not to just burst into tears and dash to the hospital or call an ambulance so I took a deep breath and assessed what was going on.

She woke up because she was coughing and the reason she was coughing was mucus in her throat, her throat sounded very dry and her nasal tubes very rattly but her chest did still sound clear so we looked at what we had at our disposal and this is what we did

The house was very warm and dry because Jamie put the heating on which is exactly what I would have done because I’ve always been taught to keep warm if you’re ill but looking at the situation logically her dry throat didn’t need a dry enviroment so we switched it of and opened a window. (we could run a steaming hot bath if more moisture was required but for now the window will do)

We had Tixylix cough medicine so we gave her a dose of that, funny thing hear is she really ddin’t want to open her mouth when she saw what we were trying to do but when she smelled it she was wolfin’ it down lol

We had nasal drops so we gave her a good dose of those, now she does NOT like those oh man we had some tears 🙁

We had Karvol which we put in some cottonwool and tied in one of her socks then shoved up her jama top so the vapours were right next to her nose!

…and lots of water!

We made a nest in our bed so she could sleep \ be next to us all night and if she does sleep we just shut our eyes and sleep too

After lots of false starts she was so tired she drifted off before midnight and we all slept til 03:30 when she woke again and cried a little coughed a little and fussed a lot took on some water while mom went downstairs to collect supplies like a bottle of milk more Kalvol etc but by the time she got back Reagan was blissfully asleep I’m sure smiling wryly at how much trouble mom went to for nothing?

We both snuggled into her again and we all slept again til about 06:30 when as yesterday morning Reagan was as bright as a button and mommy and daddy both look like shit…all this just confirmed my belief that I would do anything for Reagan and her mom too!

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