What a fu$%ing day!

24 Aug

Got up to the knowledge that we were going to have HOT running water in the house for the first time in three weeks and that had to be a good thing. We didn’t have a good night again with the Reagameister, I say we I obviously mean Jamie didn’t have a good night although I did offer to take my turn when she was smashing the bedroom up in frustration at 3am I say smashing the bedroom up in frustration but what actually happened was she dropped her water bottle on the side table by accident but it SOUNDED like she was lol

Anyway….we were both tired but when Reagan wakes up at 7am and I bring her into the bedroom so she breast feed off of her momma and she smiles like nothing was the matter we just have to laugh out loud together because to her nothing is the matter!

First time I thought something could be wrong with the day was when the gas board began digging up the road at 8am bringing all manner tackle into the street. I took Jack for a walk and had breakfast as normal and went off to work leaving Jamie and Reagan to deal with the plumber.

Imagine my dismay when I got a phone call mid morning from Jamie which went something like “the gas board need to speak to you about digging up the drive to fit a new pipe, John is here wants to know if you’ll look at his computer we’ve no water or electricity Reagan is really being needy, here here’s the gas man”

Basically we were told yesterday that the gas board told us yesterday they were digging in the street but found when doing so we didn’t have our own supply so they need to fit one which entails a couple holes being dug in our yard and a pipe fitted, I had pre arranged John bringing his laptop for me to look at, the plumber needed to cut off some amenity while he fitted the boiler and Reagan is Reagan hehehe

It just got worse from then on when mid afternoon when not only all the above was happening then the new boiler show EXACTLY the same fault as the one that I ripped out yesterday….WTF? so when I got home I was confronted with Jamie with her head in her hands unable to speak no hot water a hole in the drive so we can’t get the car up and utter chaos all around me. Reagan was sat in the high chair so I picked her up and said “what have you been doing?” and she let out the cutest little giggle I have ever heard coming out of her and me and Jamie just burst out laughing and decided there and then this bad day ends here!

We got our shit together and went to me mums for a shower then went to Bargain Booze for wine and home to bathe Reagan in the sink again and put her to bed and then cooked tea together after pouring a crystal glass of wine each and cheer’sing each other saying it all just doesn’t matter

So f$%k you world, you’ll still be there tomorrow but for now the three of us don’t give a shit!

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