No sleep til bedtime!

27 Sep

A friend of mine once said that the key key to coping with a newborn or young baby is sleep! If you can all get enough sleep its easy, but if you’re don’t it can be torture!

He was right!

Up to now we have all done very well on the sleep front but Reagan just isn’t sleeping through the night any more? At best she wakes at 4am for food and then settles really quickly and sleeps til 7. at worst she is up every hour or so and nothing will settle her only time!

Last night mommy tried for an hour from 4:30 and used her whole repetouir before finally passing the challis to me at 5:30 exhausted. I took Reagan downstairs and sat with our little screaming bundle of joy with the view that I will talk to her ubtil she stops crying because I know there is nothing wrong with her that mommy has not thought of and I was 5 minutes trying to fix her eye while she screamed in my face but just kept turning away as though I was the reason she feels like this when the cat walked behind me and SILENCE?

The screaming stopped and and aprt from the snivel she was happier than a pig in shit just watch Sasha lick her own arse Uurgghhh? Jack walked past and she followed him around the room and was merrilly watching them both go about their nighttime business while I settled down on the sofa to shut my eyes with her using me as a back rest. She dozed off doing that so I laid her next to me and we went to sleep together until 07:30 when mommy got up.

We just do not know why she does it, we go through the check list hunger, wet, windy, hot, cold etc but its usually time that heals nothing else?

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