Not from the EU, then where’s your money?

22 Sep

Pam asked what was meant by my “Highs and Lows” blog and in particular the visa bit? I was merely pointing out that to obtain a visa cost a lot of money, which we are fully aware of but they always want more.

Not only is it very expensive anyway, and to do it all legally you have to renew your visa’s unless you go for ‘Naturalisation’ or citizenship, but you can’t do that, until you have gone through the correct visa protocol! When you hear that its going up by £60 it just makes you think that if you were for example Polish you can walk into the country without so much as a by-your-leave or if you are entering illegally you will be met by feckin do gooders who will guide you to the nearest benefits office who will advise you on your rights and where you get money housing and a job but the last one is not necessary because of the first two!

It annoys us is when, through pig ignorance, people tar us with the old “you must get handfuls of cash given to you because you’re an immigrant!” speech and the only thing you can do is try to tell them in a way that they understand and more importantly believe that we paid for the ‘privilege‘ and are still paying, to live as a family here in England and Jamie has not receive one penny in help because for two years she is not entitled to receive anything. Funny thing is she allowed to work and pay Income Tax if she can find a job to help pay for the illegals of the parish?

The rules as they stand are:

  • You apply to enter this country telling your whole life story and also your intended spouses life story in very fine detail, package it all up and send it to someone who can say yes or no on what they read and it cost a $1000 for the privilege
  • You get here and for six month so long as you don’t marry you your fine but then you marry and that visa is void and they want you to obtain another type of visa but that costs £1000 as well
  • For two years you’re then free to do as you please and you can forget about immigration completely until they require you to obtain a third visa (which is where we are now) which is about to increase in price by £60 1st November so if you go in person £1250 (fast tracking) but if you do it by post which can take two months will cost £900
  • We are good then for ten years and after that another ten year visa or after 3 years go for citizenship both options entail a £735 fee (at today’s rates) 
N.B. Please understand this is my memory of events not precise information and if its different or you do not agree with any of it please don’t bother wasting your time correcting me because it doesn’t matter and I just don’t give a f$%k anyway 😉 cheers!    The truth is out there!

So maybe £60 extra in the big scheme of things is nothing but it just grates when people don’t know what actually goes on, and I haven’t even mentioned Reagan’s paperwork here and the cost of that!
The beauty of doing all this legally is firstly and most importantly we are together and secondly we never have to hide when someone knocks on the door!
Hope this goes some way to explaining things to those who wanted to ask but didn’t and those who did but got the answer from their daughter before I wrote this.

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